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Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed few general questions that may arise with our current or potential clients, we have tried to give answers to them which can reduce time of sending us questions and we reply back to them, most of the general queries are solved from our FAQ list, yet if you have any unique questions and you dont find answers to them, you are always welcome to ask us and we will put them in our FAQ list if needed.

  • What is domain name?

    A domain name is an identification name for your website which is used in browser address bar with extension which starts with dot (.) and then extension which actually means TLD, a domain name is always bound with an IP address and an IP address is assigned to concern web server where your website is stored, so when you or anyone want to view any website, they have to just write the domain name and go to it and will load the website.
  • What is web hosting?

    The activity or business of providing storage space and access for websites.
  • Why do I need to buy web hosting?

    When you get your website done, you have to put it on such a server where the site files can be accessed worldwide, and for that, you have to get some space on such structured servers, otherwise the website will never be viewed by world.
  • What is CMS?

    CMS means Content Management System, these days everyone wants their website created in some CMS which makes them free from dependency of developers after websites are created, and CMS helps at that at very best, a CMS generally provides most common functionality in it, and only for custom requirements, one has to go for custom programming or designing.
  • What will I need to provide you to make my website?

    Your business or service logo if its designed already, otherwise we may create it. All of the images you want to use in your website. Textual content for your website. If it is ecommerce site then we would like to get all products and categories names, photos, prices, description and so on.
  • How I can communicate with you?

    We are always communicating via eMail, Skype, hangout, all of the content should be given for website via emails only, if there are huge files to send then use big file store and send services which is provided by many companies for example dropbox.
  • Will I be able to make changes to the site after it is completed?

    Absolutely yes, we always prefer to give websites created in either Joomla or Wordpress and provide information on how you can manage site at your own.
  • How much it would cost to develop my website?

    Depending on volume and complexity of website, the cost is decided, but normally our prices for web development starts from 500$.
  • What is payment policy?

    We always prefer to get 50% upfront of the total project cost, and remaining 50% will be looking to get when site is completed and before it is launched on your domain/server.
  • What if i want to change design after few months or years for my website?

    As we use Joomla and WordPress to build sites, it will not be hard to redesign the site, but it would cost additionally for redesigning the website.
  • What is static website and what is dynamic website?

    A static site is made up of just HTML pages and without any or much programming involved, every time you want to change something in the website, you have to download pages and change them by using some web page editor tool. And a dynamic site is made up mainly of programming files where one or more database involved and data is centrally stored in database and can have frontend and admin sides, so from admin side you can control and manage content.
  • I have very old website, want to remake it, can you do it?

    Of-course we can do it.
  • Is it mandatory to host my website with your hosting service?

    Not at all, you can host website on your pre-hosted server/company, but must make sure that your hosted server is compatible with latest version of Joomla and WordPress
  • What about website maintenance?

    If you do not have time to maintain your website, we do provide maintenance service for your website also, where you can simply instruct us what and when to do on what part of the site and we do it for you.
  • What is cPanel?

    When you buy web hosting, normally in linux servers, you get an interface from where you can manage all of your domain and web related parts, like creating email accounts, databases, ftp accounts and so on, there are lots of things which can be done from cpanel, only have to take care to use them well if you know them well.
  • What is WHM?

    WHM means Web Host Management, this is master level control panel for cpanel, from WHM one can create as many as cPanel accounts allowed by server, this is possible mainly if linux server is used.
  • How I can create email ids for my website or domain?

    You can go to cPanel of your website/domain and there is always a section called "email accounts" and from there you can create them and manage them.
  • How do I change FTP/cPanel Password?

    You can change your cpanel password by logging into cpanel OR you have to ask server manager to change password for you from WHM. Normally FTP password and cPanel password is same so when cpanel password is changed, then ftp password would automatically changed. But if you have created any additional ftp accounts in cpanel, then you have to login into cpanel and change them again from there.
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